AMP Up Your SEO!

Someone may have mentioned that Accelerated Mobile Pages might help your local Miami website rank higher in the search results. If you can’t decide whether that’s good advice or bad, stop thinking and start building those pages! Of course it’s a little more complicated than that, but we’ll get into the details in a minute…

If you are not familiar with what AMP is, it is an open source html language definition that allows pages on your site to load more quickly for users on handheld or mobile device. This rapid loading occurs with the help of a specialized java script library and a few extra bits of HTML.

Check out just a few of the reasons why you should consider “AMPing Up” your site:

AMP pages are becoming essential for mobile and tablet search optimization.

Since you’re already reading an SEO blog, you probably already know that if you plan on having a well ranked site, you are going to have to make sure it’s mobile friendly. If you move forward with amp and your pages pass AMP validation, you can rest assured that your site is now made up of mobile-friendly pages.

By implementing AMP, the pages and posts on your site will load quickly on any and all mobile browsers. The page load time decrease from implementing AMP pages, will provide your users with a much better experience. This improvement of experience will trigger Googles algorithm to rank your site higher in mobile search engine results.

However, AMP implementation isn’t just about improving your organic rankings. Your website might be featured in Google’s coveted carousel that displays AMP pages… and only AMP pages right at the top of the search results.

Reduce your “Bounce Rate” and increase your conversions

A high bounce rate is a signal to Google that your site provides a poor user experience or that it isn’t relevant to the search result. When users find your site in Google, visit only for a few seconds, and then hit the back button on their browser, you’re site is obviously not giving them what they are looking for.

One of the main reasons users tend to bounce back the search engine results is that some sites are just too slow. This is exactly why AMP pages are so valuable. AMP will trigger your pages to load so rapidly, your users will no reason to run away.

AMP simply makes you more money!

Do you ever wonder why some websites are excruciatingly slow to load? They are slow to load because they are absolutely filled with ads, scripts, styles and so much more. Webmasters find themselves confronted with a catch 22. They increase the number of ads to generate more income, but at the same time, they increased page load time and increase their bounce rates.  So, what does that mean? It means less revenue over time.

I checked around on what the guys behind the AMP project had to say about AMP technology. The AMP Project guys defined AMPs purpose as follows: “The goal of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to ensure effective ad monetization on the mobile web while embracing a user-centric approach. With that context, the objective is to provide support for a comprehensive range of ad formats, ad networks and technologies in Accelerated Mobile Pages.”

AMP provides greater visibility into your domain analytics

As the internet has become commonplace with business’ large and small, most people now understand the importance of analytics. Analytics are the key metrics that offer an insider’s view into the effectiveness of specific landing pages and marketing campaigns for you business.

Using Accelerated Mobile Pages, you have the ability to track key information about session counts, new versus returning end users, clicks, conversions and goals, video engagement, back link tracking and more.

As an added bonus, AMP based analytics offer support for the leader in analytics, Google Analytics. To be precise, you can set up tracking for up to three request values with AMP — page viewership, event instances and social interactions.

If Google likes AMP… You should LOVE AMP!

Maximizing the visibility of your website should be all about following Google’s Webmaster guidelines and creating great content solely to inform your potential site visitors. Google doesn’t hide the fact that they support and love AMP, and so should you.

In closing, if your site doesn’t offer AMP pages in line with your standard content, you may one day face a Search Console notification like the following: “Google has detected that your site has many pages that may benefit from being served as AMP pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are HTML pages that are optimized to load fast on mobile devices. Learn more about AMP benefits in the resources below. Valid AMP pages on your site will be eligible to be shown in search results and receive a special badge in search results.”

With messages being thrown about like that, it’s pretty clear that Google wants webmasters to take advantage of AMP.

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